Safir (Sapphire) Hall

Safir (Sapphire) Hall, which hosts, among others, wedding and engagement ceremonies,  adds up to your organizations with its warmer and more intimate atmosphere thanks to its column-free architecture.  You will certainly have memorable times at this wide hall, which is designed to enable you to host and entertain your guests as part of your wedding ceremonies in a spacious setting, thanks to its state-of-the art audio installations and lighting system. You may have a choice between luxury and cost effectiveness for your cocktails or wedding ceremonies to be held at this hall which may be arranged in the order of round tables or individual tables depending on your requirements.

Metropolitan Hotels Ankara  will be much happy to serve you on your unforgettable special occasions.

Safir Salon 2
Safir Salon 3
Safir Salon 4
Safir Salon 5
Safir Salon 6